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Colleen Shea

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Colleen Shea was born in Halifax; in spite of this, she is generally a very happy person and does not yearn, every day, to return to the cold, foggy motherland. After 10 years of living in Toronto, she’s not sure she wants to remain therelong-term either. However, her adopted city has four very important things going for it: some pretty good bookstores, some really great restaurants, excellent cycling trails, and one of the best public library systems in the world. Colleen does do things other than eating, reading, writing, and cycling, but they’re not important.

Colleen has worked at many things, but at heart she’s just your basic badly paid writer and is happy with that. She is also a life-long reader whose love affair with books began with Felix Salten’s Bambi (a beautiful book before Disney got its grubby fingerprints all over it), Madeleine L’Engle’s Time Quartet (there is a fifth book in this series that came later, but it’s best left in the badly plotted hell it was born out of), and Stephen King’s It. She is, in other words, unafraid of reading outside her comfort zone, unless it’s Twilight on offer—she’ll do many things for book love, but she won’t do that.

She writes mostly about books at Jam and Idleness; with regards to vittles, she’s over at Food Riot.

Michael Hind


Michael Hind has been a very occasional cartoonist for 23 years. His latest graphic novel The Undertaking is available from Conundrum Press.


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